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رسالة ماجستير / ابتسام جمعة

Last years, the concept of smart classroom is appeared in educational systems, this concept is focused on mobile learning environment because of increasing the flexibility of distance learning, and providing a new type of digital culture. That culture concentrates on the processing of knowledge and helps the student to be the center of the learning process and not the teacher. This thesis focuses on design and implementation of a complete wireless interaction mobile phones learning system through a server using web services, for a classroom. The proposed system gives the server (administrator) an authorization to allow mobile phone of users (student) to access the proposed system in order to take the lecture and participate in an exam after reliability of the student is checked. Reliability is an important and essential part of the proposed system depending on the location of the mobile phone student. If it is within the limits of the smart classroom, then the server (administrator) is authorized to provide ciphering keys to the student.  These keys are assigned to authorized students using the key management system It provides unique and variable key assignment for each authorized student used later in encryption and decryption using Improvement RC6 (IRC6) algorithm.IRC6 key generation based on two types of chaotic maps (chebyshev , 2D logistic) in order to generate N key to N users. The results showed the success of the proposed system in detecting the  location of students within the smart classroom using the min value of the Haversine formula and comparing it with the threshold value .The results prove that the average secrecy of IRC6 is better than of traditional RC6, in which: for 16 bits’ key length, and 128 bits plaintext size, the average secrecy of IRC6 is (0.390 – 1.413) while for RC6 is constant value (0.244).                                                    


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