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Computer science researchers and statistics have established innovative techniques to achieve visions from sets of large disparate data. There are various kinds of data and from diverse sources, and of diverse quality. The computational tools applied to address jobs usually needs human complexity is generally termed ‘Artificial Intelligence’ (AI). As an area, AI has been for numerous years. Though, modern rises in the power of computing joined with rises in the obtainability and amount of data have to lead in a renaissance of interest in possible artificial intelligence applications .The aim of the research is to build an expert system that considers an effective to manage the construction projects problems in term of both time and cost through building an expert system to manage these problems by using the techniques: particle swarm optimization and gravitational search algorithm.

To accomplish the aim of the research, a theoretical study involve review the previous studies and field study that include open and closed questionnaire and finally , the expert system was built.

The results show that the construction phase considers very critical and has an impact of about 25% on cost and 20% on time and the interdependency between problem quite equal in the construction problems rather than pre- construction problems.

Designing the expert system is depending on the configuration of knowledge and the need for construction projects. This system is designed to provide a database for ant previously problems that have been occurred in the projects. PSO algorithm shows an effective tool in finding the best


solution in term of speed and method of searching while GSA is also an effective tool in finding the best solution to bet it requires more time.

All the velocity of the PSO is zero while the GSA is always more than zero which indicate the PSO is fast and also in the method of searching as seen in problem 7 and 9 the GSA take different way in finding the solution.

The recommendations are Conducting educational and training courses to implement an expert system in construction projects and Using the expert system in different problems and in a different phase and finally depending on this system find the solutions for future problems.

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