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رسالة ماجستير / ايفان عماد

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The sector of oil  is important for the country economic, community, and ecological agendas and therefore take an important role in the Iraq future, the managers  who have the responsibility  for activities planning and coordinating and for the same time obtaining the best cost, time, quality and human resources so that objectives of the project are finally obtained . Hence, any conflict in these projects lead to significant conflict and subsequent problems and especially in the design  phase.

          The research's key goal is to create a method to control the design process  in the  oil projects  industry and reduce  the design conflict using building information modeling. To attain the goal ,a review of the previous  studies that manage the BIM and its use in oil sectors and methods in building projects. Studying issues of cost and duration, types, and influences that may affect the projects.  Reviewing the artificial intelligence  techniques and the stages of its processes and its usages in the building projects. Make a Field Study with open and closed surveys, build a system with particle swarm optimization , and finally build a case study with building information modeling (BIM).

         The results showed that the design stage show the highest phase that cause problems in the projects. Using BIM  will improve design quality (reducing conflicts / reducing redesign, managing changes in design. The highest reason is that the multiplicity of owners in the owner's organization , which mean the decision is been making by different person that represent the owner side which lead to conflict and change in the design. Technical reason’s consider the highest , as the most of the design changes are due to the conflict or miss in design by the designer and the unused of modern techniques.

Support vector machine (SVM) show higher performance  with 70% in prediction of design change on oil projects.

Most of the design  conflicts were missing in elements which require to return the drawing and rework.   As using BIM  introduce many benefit regard quantity calculation as lead to reduce the cost about 30%  , visual inspection , reporting and information availability. Finally , set of conclusion and recommendations were extracted from this research. 

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