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The present work involves the corrosion buckling interaction behavior of 2014-T4 aluminum alloy with corroded time of 120 days. The effects of shot peening (SP) combined with ultrasonic impact treatment (UIT) on the surface properties of 2014-T4 aluminum alloy were investigated based on mechanical properties and hardness. Comparison between the corroded columns in (soil and water) with as received columns before and after (SP+UIT) is achieved. Euler, Johnson, Peery-Robertson, Rankine, and ANSYS (V.18) formulas are used to evaluate the experimental results. The behavior of the axial compressive buckling column has been studied experimentally, theoretically and numerically. Comparison is made between the above classical theories methods and experimental results for both long and intermediate columns. SP and UIT surface treatment techniques are used and provide suitable methods to improve the mechanical and buckling properties of both long and intermediate columns of AA 2014-T4. Test results for mechanical properties show that after (SP+UIT), the mechanical properties (ultimate tensile strength (UTS) and yield stress (YS)) are noticeably improved. The improvements in UTS and YS are (2.84%, 3.07%), (2.42%, 2.87%), and (2.39%, 3.17%) for as received at (RT), soil corrosion (SC), and water corrosion (WC) respectively. The critical buckling loads (Pcr) where reduced under corrosion media for both water corrosion (WC) and soil corrosion (SC). The reduction percentage (R%) of (WC) was (6.24%) and (10.1%) for (SC) for long columns. But (R%) for intermediate columns was (3.16%) for (WC) and (4.77%) for (SC). The results showed that (Euler, Johnson, Perry Robertson and Rankine) formulas give a good agreement with experimental results with factor of deviation of (1.8), (2.5), (1.5), and (1) and (1.8), (2.4), (1.5), and (1) for long and intermediate columns before and after (SP+UIT) respectively. While for ANSYS it was (2.2) and (2.7) before (SP+UIT) for long and intermediate columns respectively, and (1.9) and (2.7) after (SP+UIT) for long and intermediate columns respectively.

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