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Urinary tract infection is a persistent global problem that can affect all ages. It affects women more than men due to anatomy and physiological functions. Studies linking urinary system diseases with the presence of Torque Teno Virus in Iraq are very rare or almost non-existent.
The current study aims to determine the rate of infection with Torque Teno Virus and its genotypes in pregnant and non-pregnant women with urinary tract infection, using the nested traditional polymerase reaction chain technique in Diyala Governorate. It studied the correlation between Torque Teno Virus infection and different measures such as age, residence, level of education, pregnancy, female history of urinary tract infection during childhood, history of urinary tract infection before pregnancy, the relationship of kinship between spouses, hospitalized patients, use of spermicide, drugs and antibiotics use, blood transfusion, obesity and having other diseases.
A cross-sectional study was conducted of (50 pregnant women and 50 non-pregnant women) suffering from urinary tract infections who attended Al-Batool Teaching Hospital for Maternity and Children, Women's Emergency Unit and Unit of Urological Consultation at Baqubah Teaching Hospital in Diyala governorate from 20th September 2020 till 20th January 2021. Urine samples were collected for microscopic and macroscopic examination, bacterial culture and DNA extraction. Finally, the samples were preserved by freezing until the Torque Teno Virus molecular investigation was carried out.

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