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رسالة ماجستير / وسن احمد


         The massive growth of data and all applications used on networks requires great security and safety. Blockchain technology is a static and shared database that is not controlled by any third party. Blockchain technology can be combined with a variety of other technologies as it enters the digital, physical, and biological fields. Also; Authentication is an issue that needs to be thoroughly verified to be authenticated regardless of the traditional authentication methods used to prove that the person is authorized on it. In this thesis design Blockchain system is proposed to simulate each node in the system. The propose system of design Authorization technique in simulation environment blockchain named (ASBchain) consists of six stages to verify the transactions transmitted by user after the registration process, which based on the strong Rivest Shamir Adleman algorithm(RSA) for signature transaction and Secure Hash Algorithm 256. Then verified from any transaction performed based on matching hash function values that sending .Thus, the proposed system can prove that the sender is authorize by authorization process. This is done according to the value of the last hash function for block maintained by this sender based on the time stamp of it. The system was tested in terms of time for each stage and the phases were compared with each other and show that the time spent on Registration ,authentication, and  Authorization processes were (00:01:43:0059 s), (00:01:02.0953 s) and (00:01:00.0102 s) respectively for 100 users. The system has proven that all people have equal rights in reliability and use the system. But not every person is authenticate do he is authorized. It is a collaborative environment and the main thing is reliability, safety, decentralization.

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