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The new indole Schiff basecompoundbenzo[e]indol-2-ylidene)-3-(4-methoxyphenyl)iminopropanal](2P)was investigated for antioxidant, toxicity and anti-tumor ability for A549 cell, PC3 cell and WRL 68 cell. 2P has antioxidant ability for IC50 (75 µg/mL) compared with control ascorbic acid (27 µg/mL). Antitumor ability for 2P was evaluated and the result was showed the viability of A549 cell and  PC3 cell were decreased significantly after treated with 2P in dose dependent manner at 24,48 and 72 hours, while no toxicity effect on the WRL 68 cell. The antitumor effect was through accelerated apoptosis, the alteration in nuclear morphology of PC3 cells was examined by using Hoechest staining after treated the PC3 cells with different doses (5,10,15) µg/mL.The density of the nucleus has been found to be closely linked to apoptosis and chromatin modifications..The increase in the cells membrane permeability was observed. The result was showed decreasing in the nucleus intensity and increasing in cell permeability with the increasing of concentration of 2P compound treated the cells.

Mitochondria Membrane Potential is disturbed in the apoptosis by forming of permeability, this ability of 2P on the MMP of PC3 cell was studied by using of mitochondria specific dye, the MMP in the PC3 cell treated with 2P showed significant (P < 0.05) reduction by decrease in the intensity of fluorescent compared with control. The effect of 2P in the treated PC3 cell for cytochrome c was detected, the result was showed that 2P activated release cytochrome c significant (P < 0.05) higher that control.

After treating 2P was portioned, PC3 cell DNA material for the cell cycle process (G1, G2, and M). The result was showed that 2P break down the cell cycle progress in G1 phase (P <0.05) compared with control. The result display there is a significant G1 step arrest in PC3 in a concentration-dependent mannerwhereas, the cells in both G2 and M phase was reduced with an increased in the treatment. Conclusion: this result was conducted the new 2P compound has antioxidant and antitumor ability that may be used 2P a new anticancer drug.

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