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          Global services with an agent or a multi-agent system are a promising and new research domain. However, several measures have been proposed to demonstrate the benefits of agent technology by supporting distributed services and applying smart agent technology in web dynamics. This thesis is a design to build a Semantic Web on the World Wide Web (WWW) to enhance the productivity of managing electronic library applications, where there is a problem that researchers and students endure, which is the process of exchanging books from e-libraries where they are slow or that the library needs large system data.

In this work a solution of this problem is found by using agent technology based on the “WebSocket,” any user can use this library to get fast communication and high information based on the model existing in the e-library, a simple and small model is considered. In addition, the library does not need an employee library responsible for entering information into the library database, as it was placed in Firebase it's a cloud-based database that synchronization data across every client in Real-time, and supply offline functionality. Any researcher can access the form by logging in. This application is installed on the central library server and every user who uses this library gets a quick result. This work is proven in our current thesis. In average 10 requests in HTTP take 25 ms and in take 19 ms , while 100 requests in HTTP need 168 ms  and in take 30 ms, as well, 500 requests in HTTP take 779 ms and in take 102 ms, in addition 1000 requests in HTTP take 1520 ms and in need 172 ms, Therefore, The proposed model is about 5-7 times faster than the model being used HTTP. Also, in this thesis, the data transfer process and loading benchmarks were calculated.


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