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The present study is a socio-pragmatics analysis of promising in English social media. It aims at finding out the promising utterance in English social media in tweeter for politicians President Donald Trump and PM Boris Johnson. The statement of the problem of the study is the syntactic form of promising utterances, the intention of promising utterances which identify the types of promising and the functions of promising utterances. The adopted model of the analysis is developing according to Searle and other Scholars, it depends basically on types and functions.

The study is based on the hypotheses that there is wide use in English social media comments in the speech act of promising as the linguistic device. It is also hypothesized that there are different types and functions in using of the promising in social media.

To achieve the aims of the study and verify its hypotheses, two sorts of procedures are followed: theoretical and practical. The theoretical procedures consist of a theoretical framework of the concept of promising and its approaches etc, in addition to a theoretical framework of the CMC and social media. The practical procedures consist of analyzing a selected sample of English social media tweets for two political figures according to the adopted model.

The results of analyzing promising in social media have verified the hypotheses adopted in the study.

The study ends up with several conclusions and recommendations based on the findings of the study.

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