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The study attempts to examine the concept of persuasion in marketing context taking into account the fact that the process of persuasion in marketing of medical brochures depends on the relationship between texts, images, designs, fonts, and other factors.

The study sheds light on the following problems: Whether it is possible to complete the process of persuasion to market a specific medical product through medical brochures through the text, then the image only or by combining the text and the image together to ensure an integrated process of persuasion that depends on the multimodality that the customer needs. The main problem in this study is to investigate how to employ text and visual image to convey meaning.

The study aims to show how texts are made and their connection to other texts or images that are added to the medical brochures to make them carry an accurate meaning. It shows the strategies of persuasion used by the owners of medical products manufacturers and why they use these strategies. A search for the various elements of persuasion and marketing used in medical brochures, both linguistically and visually.

The study assumes that the texts used are subject to change according to the medical brochure use, where long or the manufacturers can place short sentences without restriction. Customers also use or refer to the texts or images used if they are from inside or outside the medical field to know the type of medicine or its uses through the brochure when looking at it, either by reading or looking at the picture only.

The study reviews problem of the study, research questions, objectives, hypothesis under study, study limits, and research value.

It also presents persuasion strategies, their definitions, their uses and their structure. It also presents marketing to promote and sell products. In addition, dealing with multimodality through definitions, point of views, theories, Scientists who specialize in this branch, as well as other axes.

The study discussed in detail the data prepared for analysis and the method of collecting it, the research design, the model adopted in the research plan, and the procedures followed.

The focus of the study is on the multimodal analysis of medical brochures.

Finally, the study is concluded with a number of conclusions found by the researcher, recommendations, and suggestions for further studies.



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